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The Plan: Seeking to align and thrive?

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What is The Plan?

Kofi's designed plan explores Holistic Health & Wellness approaches to both heal and empower, all designed especially to fit your individual needs, and help you kick start your life!


About Kofi Coach

My name is Kofi Morris, and I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Life-Care Strategist. I started my health journey over 14 years ago when I was exposed to the power of Meditation which led to the art of Qi Qong, Martial Arts, Holistic Health and Vegetarianism.

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Success Stories

Success Story
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"As a manual health practitioner, I help my clients feel stronger, look better, and feel better. Work like this requires more energy than most people think. Brother Kofi helps me to feel more balanced, energetic, and more able to help more clients. Hire this brother he knows his stuff!"

Coaching Client

Transformation And Change

Journey to the center of your soul with Kofi's align and thrive courses.

For those of you looking to experience a deeper understanding of self and health, the book is a testament to the rigour of the human spirit.


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