LIVE.LIFE.NOW Kofi: Health & Wellness Coach

Accomplish every goal I have set!

“I am a single Mother, working part-time as a Web Content Manager, who is transitioning into a new career of Intuitive Energy Healing and Coaching.  

Brother Kofi has helped me to stay motivated and focused on completing the action steps to accomplish every goal I have set. 

His spiritual mentor-ship and guidance is motivating me to move forward confidently.  I am forever grateful for Brother Kofi and his continued guidance as move into my new career.” 

/// Jenese N, Gaston

I recommend this to everyone. 

“Kofi helped me with several things from narrowing down the focus of my businesses to health and wellness related to my knee and  blood pressure. 

A true  holistic experience that started with very simple steps to follow. I recommend this to everyone. 

/// C.Macarthur

Hire this brother he knows his stuff!

“As a manual health practitioner, I help my clients feel stronger, look better, and feel better. Work like this requires more energy than most people think.

Brother Kofi helps me to feel more balanced, energetic, and more able to help more clients. Hire this brother he knows his stuff!”

/// Fitness Coach

Kofi Coach is an experienced leader who supports others

“Kofi Coach is an experienced leader who supports others. I have been lucky enough to call Kofi a mentor, coach, and confidant. Through leadership and wisdom principles, I am able to achieve all my goals financially and spiritually and stay grounded because of people like him who fan my flame.” 

/// Rising Entrepreneur